Artisan preserve of Chilli pepper 45g

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Artisan preserve of Chilli pepper 45g 


PRODUCTION PERIOD: This preserve is produced at the end of summer and in autumn immediately after harvesting in order to maintain all the properties of chillies and peppers

INGREDIENTS PER 100g: Chili pepper (15%), red peppers (45%), white sugar, wine vinegar

SAPORE: Preserves it of peppers and chillies from Pure Stagioni has a bright color, an intense aroma and is characterized by a medium / high spiciness

SPECIAL FEATURES: The strength of this Pure Stagioni preserves lies in being made with only 3 ingredients and without artificial preservatives. Peppers and red chillies are subjected to quick cooking, so as to enhance the spicy taste

PAIRING : The preserved peppers and red chillies is perfect with very mature cheeses, its combination with grilled meat, such as pork chops

NUTRITIONAL VALUES: KJ 1256 KCAL 300, FATS 0.60g (of which saturated 0.15), CARBOHYDRATES 72g (of which sugars 70g), PROTEINS 1.36g, FIBERS 3.0g, SALT 0, 07g

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