Giglio towel, light pink

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Giglio towel, light pink

On the 29th of June 1440, on the plains of Anghiari in Tuscany, an impressive battle took place. This battle saved Florence from the Milanese invasion as well as the Renaissance itself (as many say), allowing all citizens of the Granducato di Toscana (Grand Duchy Of Tuscany) to breathe a sigh of relief. Florence did not forget Anghiari and from that day on granted the city’s rights to the use of the Florentine Giglio (Fleur-de-Lys). A friendship that has lasted centuries inspired our ancestors to seal this friendship with a fabric, called “Giglio”. To make it even more precious it was made of 100% linen flax. We still weave and make it in the very same way. A bathroom enriched by linen flax towels means cherishing and pampering yourself with beautiful things. 

Materials: 100% Linen
Dimensions (cm) 42 x 80 

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